VA Loans Salt Lake City, UT

Do You Qualify for a VA Loan in Salt Lake City, UT?

Learn about your VA loan options

Are you a veteran seeking a new home? If your credit score is too low for a conventional loan, contact White Pine Funding LLC today. We can help you qualify for a VA loan at our office in Salt Lake City, UT.

Contact us today for more information about VA loans and other home-buying options.

Why should you apply for a VA loan?

When you're buying a home, the team at White Pine Funding will do whatever it takes to help you find the right loan. If you served in the military, you might qualify for a VA loan. Here are some perks of this type of loan:

  • You'll receive a lower interest rate than a conventional loan.
  • You can get approved even with a low credit score.
  • You can move into your new home with no down payment.

To learn more about VA loans in Salt Lake City, UT, call us today at 801-365-8180.